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What is the Art Couture difference?

If you are reading this, I doubt this is the only invitation website you have seen. There are a lot of places to buy invitations that say they are "custom" made. They allow you to choose a color, a design, and if you are really lucky you may get to choose a font as well. But adding the word "custom" usually means adding to the bottom line as well. I personally do not think printing your name on a piece of paper makes it "custom". If that were the case then I get a lot of custom junk mail everyday. At Art Couture Invitations we don't give you choices, we open up creative possibilities that make it surprisingly easy to work with most budgets.

When should I order my wedding invitations?

It is never too early to order invitations, but it can be too late. Order them as soon as you have all necessary information. You'll need to mail them 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date, and you'll need at least that much time for your order to be filled. If you put it off too long you'll end up paying more for rush fees, and some services may not even be available on a short timeframe. At Art Couture Invitations we will work with you no matter the timeframe to make your invitations perfect without sacrificing the quality work that we are known for.

What does a typical wedding invitation consist of?

All wedding invitations should include the date, time, and location of the ceremony, an RSVP card, as well as the names of the couple and the names of those hosting the event. Most wedding invitations now include directions to the location, lodging information if needed, and information about the reception.

When should we mail our invitations?

Wedding invitations should be mailed so that your guests receive them 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. If you are having a destination wedding, or have a lot of guests that will have to travel to your location then give them at least 8 weeks to make travel arrangements.

How much do invitations cost to mail?

It depends on the weight. I recommend taking a finished invitation to your local post office and having it weighed before buying postage. If you are including several insert cards with the invitation or using double envelopes it is likely your invitations will require extra postage. We can customize a stamp with the proper postage amount for your invitations to keep them looking stylish inside and out.

How many invitations should I order?

Before you place your order you should have a guest list made. Depending on the number of guests we typically suggest ordering 20 - 25 more invitations than you think you need. This may sound like a waste, but it's better to have a few extra ready for additional guests you may think of later, in case one gets damaged you have a replacement, and you have a few for keepsakes. Also, if you order less and end up needing more later those few extra will cost a lot more than if you had purchased them with the original order.

Do you proofread the invitations?

Of course we take special care to ensure the wording on all our stationary products is perfect, and we rely on our clients to check names and addresses for accuracy.

What date should I use on my RSVP cards?

First, check with your caterer and any other vendors that require a head count. Most typically need a final count at least 1-2 weeks before the event to prepare, so keep that in mind.

What are double envelopes? Do I need them?

Double envelopes consist of an inner envelope that has the guests name only, and an outer envelope with the mailing address. Proper etiquette says you need them, but personally I say you don't. Including the guests' names on their invitation is a wonderful personal touch that tells your guests you are thinking about them, but it doesn't have to be done on an extra envelope. Art Couture Invitations can design a creative way to personalize each of your invitations so your guests will know how important they are to you.

Do you address envelopes?

Yes we do. You have plenty of other things to keep you busy, so why worry about finding time to address all those envelopes. Let us take that burden off your shoulders and create a unique design for your addresses that your guests will love.

Is it okay to use address labels on my envelopes?

Yes! The days of handwriting all your addresses are over. While it is still perfectly fine to do so, there are many creative ways that we can address your envelopes. A pre-printed envelope, or label affixed to it looks just as special as a handwritten address. Browse the portfolio for some inspiration.

Do you offer custom designed stamps?

Yes! We can customize a stamp with the proper postage amount for your invitations to keep them looking stylish inside and out.

Besides the invitation what other printed pieces might I need?

Save the Dates, programs, table numbers, escort cards, seating charts, menus, and thank you cards are items that we can coordinate and design to fit the look and theme of your big day. Is there something else you want to make your wedding unique? Art Couture Invitations can transform your ideas into creative touches that will make your day unforgettable.

What are your prices?

We strongly believe that high style should be available at any price point, all it takes is a little creativity. So, starting at your initial consultation our design team will create an exclusive look made to fit your style and your budget. Thus, the price is different for each design. For an estimate on your event contact us for a free consultation.

Do you have minimum orders?

No. Why should you pay for something you may not need? We take couture to the next level, and allow you to order any amount you desire.

What is the process of ordering with you?

First, we start with a FREE consultation where we get to know you and your style. Then the process moves to design sketches, media selection and proofing, to printing and assembly, and finally delivery. We coordinate a timeline with your schedule so you are a part of each step along the way.

What other services do you offer?

We design printed paper products for any special event including weddings, announcements, birthdays, showers, graduations, parties, corporate gatherings, holidays, and personal stationary.

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